Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was fun like it always is! 
I was trying to think of good ideas for a theme for Halloween for our family & couldn't put something together! I took too long, didn't wanna spend the money,etc.. So we were gonna have the kids be animals & Jesse & I be zookeepers but Logan wanted to be Bravo from the movie Planes. Plus he still loves fighter jets so of course he wants to be a F-18! so then Jesse made plans to make Logan a fighter jet out of cardboard.

once emma saw what daddy was making she no longer wanted to be a penguin but now she wanted to be a fighter jet too! So I asked her again, penguin or fighter jet & jet it is!
So Daddy continued to make us all fighter jets! 
Emmas a F-35,I'm a B2 Bomber & Jesse is a F35

So we had fun at the trunk or treat at the church. I had collision problems crashing into almost everyone since I was so was funny later but not to Logan since I couldn't see where I was hitting as we were walking to get treats. Oh & Emma only wore her costume to take a pic & that was it:(  I asked her before we left home if she wanted to be a penguin again & said no. really?? oh well.. OH plus then I felt even more guilty when I realized at the trunk or treat that Jesse didn't get to making Adi's costume since he was up till 3 the last couple of nights finishing them. & I didn't think about that until we got to the trunk or treat:(
So at the end of the day I was stressing myself out trying to find a theme & Logan helped us get one together anyways:)

                               Emmas is Elmo & Logans is the Angry Bird


 Oh & a random creepy little spider on the kids pumpkins..maybe Jesse & I will  do ours now since we didn't get to it after the kids pumpkins.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Emma & Boots

Emma loves her boots! 1st she had a pair from Walmart(didn't expect to find them there!) but she was little then, so its not like she knew what she was wearing then, but then grandma bought her a pair of boots that she loves. Then the other day while we were looking for new shoes for her, she found, all on her own, a pair of pink boots with glitter on them! And they were at Walmart again..So totally surprised & at a cheap price. Woohoo! Makes momma happy to find a good deal. I always thought it would be cute for my kids to have cowboy boots. Well cowgirl boots for this girlie girl. But they are so expensive.
So I am coming to find out that Emma loves boots. She wears them in the house pretty much all day. While she is playing, in her diaper, wherever. She loves shoes in general. Shes our girlie girl who loves all things girl but also loves to get outside to play in the dirt & have fun. She's pretty tough. Dont mess with our Emma. 
So as I caught this picture as I came to follow her out the other day to see our next door neighbors horse again. I had the thought pass..We just might have a rodeo girl on our hands..we may need to do some horse back riding lessons in the future..

Adi's 1st baby food

Here's Adi's reaction to squash. Her reaction wasn't as bad I thought it would be. 

Adi is 6 months!

 Adi weighed in today at a whopping 19# 11oz. 26.5 in. long which puts her in the 90% for weight & 80% for height. She's been at those percentiles since she was about 2 months old! She is my biggest baby & fastest growing. I just put away her 6-9m:( & she fits comfortably in 12-18 m. craziness... She has some chunky thighs. We actually tried some "skinny" stretchy jeans on her & they were too tight & made her legs go purple! 
Adi is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She is a very chill baby & really only gets upset if she hurts herself(thats a given), is hungry, just wants to be held. She's usually pretty sensitive to a messy diaper too.  She just doesn't get fussy very often. And now that she is crawling & everywhere she entertains herself really good, in spurts. She has been getting up more at night lately but oh well she still falls back asleep easy so I'll take it. 
Adi loves when her big brother & sister play with her. They love to make her laugh & they can get her to laugh more than we can. It is so fun to see them all interact & play together. Its priceless! 
So far Adi has really light hair & her eyes are still a deep blue but its got a grayish tone to it so sometimes her eyes look brown..maybe they will change colors with what she is wearing?its also been fun to get adi to laugh several times. She is such a happy baby!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Emmas 2nd Bday!

Emma turned 2! It seemed like yesterday that she was born! We just love her! Emma is one determined little girl. She likes to do things all by herself. She is a big girl. She likes to figure out how to do it first before asking for help which really is a good attribute since she is learning to be independent now. She laughs a lot & loves to do silly things. She is a natural nurturer & likes to play with her dolls & help change Adi's bum already. Hey gotta learn someday so why not now! She does get a little jealous of Adi now sometimes but she also loves to play with her. I think the name firecracker still suits her well..
This year we did her bday outside at the park for fun since she does get nice weather. I think she had fun with family & lots of presents! She had fun blowing out her candle & opening her presents then playing with all her toys outside. Plus she got to end it with playing at the park till past dark & past bedtime..We hope she had fun & we just love her spunk!

Emma did this hairstyle all herself. She is quite the girly girl. She loves bracelets, necklaces & lip stuff(sometimes she has taken her lip stuff to bed) but she still loves to play in dirt too!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Madison County Fair

The fair in Rexburg was even more fun this year! It was the 100th yr centennial celebration so they brought in bigger, better rides! So last minute we went with grandma Heidi & had a blast. Between the yummy fair food, & the kids loving the rides it was a blast. It was funny because Emma & Logan liked different rides. So there were only a few they both liked until we convince Logan to go on the other ones besides the big truck one. Plus Thursday night was family night so every ride was only 1 ticket. Woohoo! Love good deals!